Week 13: Summary and farewell

Hi world, in this blog entry, I’ll finally conclude with a ‘bye world’! It has been a…


time running this little blog. I admit I was apprehensive and was not looking forward to this assignment initially. But I admit it’s starting to grow on me. I enjoy sharing gifs and cool things I’ve found so this is a great platform to do so!

But all good things must come to an end and thus this will be my final blog entry! To summarise the past 12 weeks of blogging, we’ve gone through lots of YouTube-related content such as its algorithm and it being a marvellous e-learning platform! Additionally, we’ve tried out various social media management tools online and tips for web design. We talked about the scary – virus and malware but don’t worry we got you covered with recommended anti-malware software! And the super cool – Virtual and Augmented reality and I throw back to one of my favourite gifs:


Lastly, we ended off with the future of the Internet with Web 3.0 and the Internet of Things!

I’ll end with the best of the best! For my show&tell, I spent my weekend learning how to use Final Cut Pro to create a shooting stars meme. Here’s the video tutorial:

And… here’s my video:

Featuring my bro, thank you for embarrassing yourself for this video. 🙂

Thank you to those who visited this blog and I intend to repay your kindness with the video displayed above HAHAHA

Happy last day of school and all the best for your finals!

Bye world!


Author: chuajana

A lowly student, just getting by in life.

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