Week 5: Learning by doing what you love

Hi world, it’s me, Jana and yes I’m back at it again with another blog entry, featuring my all-time favourite: YouTube.

I have been undoubtedly a YouTube fan since its early days in back in 2010 when I created my account with the username – “Zeprocrastinatorz”. Yes, it’s not the coolest username but it’s extremely accurate. Truth to be told, I was watching YouTube videos years before I created an official account. With my brother (two years younger than me), we would invest hours after hours catching up with our Favourite YouTubers (we still do, it has evolved into a daily tradition). So it started out as a form of pure entertainment. It slowly transitioned into surfing the “video net” for how-to/DIY videos, cooking recipes as well as exercise videos. I vividly recall frantically YouTube-ing Photoshop tips during my Polytechnic days for my Graphics Design modules and the videos helped me to clinch a B grade (which is not Bad for me).


I explored a wide variety of YouTube channels and I fell in love with TEDxtalks and other related TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) channels. From there, I ventured out to similar websites and boy do I have a list of interesting channels to share with all of you! Before I introduce my favourite channels, I would like to emphasise on the benefits of e-learning. E-learning stands for Electronic Learning and it is also known as Educational Technology. It is not limited to lessons conducted online or via the Internet. It also encompasses other types of learning methods such as educational software programmes.

Essentially, it leverages on technology which allows people to learn from their homes, away from the traditional classroom settings. Breaking away from sitting at your physical desk and listening to your professor talk for hours, you are now learning in a virtual space. If you are watching videos (e.g YouTube), you are able to pause the video at any point of time and continue later on. You are also able to press pause and repeat again and again until you get that definition or formula embedded into your mind. This way, you’re not sheepishly asking your professor to repeat something he or she just said or to stop at that slide so that you can finish copying that sentence. No, you can simply hit the button and replay the part of the lesson you didn’t quite catch.

Furthermore, all you need his the e-learning programme and/or the Internet and a working laptop/computer and you’re good to go. No more grumbling to yourself when you see a crowded bus or cursing internally when you are stuck in a traffic jam on your way to school.


Alright, let’s start with the YouTube channels:

I’ve already mentioned it earlier… but TEDxTalks


This is one of my favourite videos from TEDxTalks, it speaks to all of us. Or rather, the procrastinators living within us.

Next up, we have Vsauce! Michael Stevens is the host of Vsauce and there are two other channels creatively titled Vsauce2 and Vsauce3.


Each channel delves into different categories. Vsauce uploads videos about science, psychology and philosophy. Vsauce2 serves up interesting bits about the latest technology and other interesting facts. Lastly, Vsauce3 focuses on games, theories and conspiracies. Each with its own unique and engaging content. So click on any of the links and be prepared to be mindblown, over and over again. Each video title is a question you never thought might be so intriguing and you just end up clicking and watching the entire video featuring a man talking to you, by talking to his camera.

Thirdly, I’ll introduce ASAPScience, a channel managed by the cute couple – Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown. Apart from the standard educational videos, they serve up original raps and songs about science as well!


Together, they have been creating educational yet entertaining science videos via stock motion and animation.  They would draw and include voice overs in their videos. Here’s an example:

Fourth, we have Crash Course! I think I have been using the word “favourite” too loosely but I fell in love with this channel about three years back and I always head back for more videos. They branch out to a variety of academic topics such as World history, Physics, Psychology, Computer Science and even, games! The channel is managed by the vlogbrothers – Hank and John Green.


I was a Communications student back in Polytechnic and I took up Psychology as my second major because I was purely interested in the human mind and how it works. Right before I started school, I treated myself to the videos from their Crash Course Psychology playlist. Yes, I spent my last few days of freedom getting a heads up on Psychology but I regret nothing.


On top of the channels I’ve mentioned, I have also been enjoying the following:

  1. Itsokaytobesmart
  2. Practical Psychology
  3. Studyign (It’s not a typo, it is really spelt this way)
  4. Coolipra
  5. The Ukulele Teacher

While the first two recommendations are similar educational portals, the third features videos about productivity and study tips. Whereas the fourth channel provides content about DIY clothes and how you can fashion new stylish pieces from outdated apparels. I found the videos very informational and motivational. The fifth channel is self-explanatory. 🙂

Lastly, I am ending this blog post with a motivational story (not one that I’ve made up).

He goes by the name of Rich Chigga (yes it’s a play on the N word but he’s Chinese).


(Warning: his videos and content contain profanities, keep clear of your baby/toddler siblings)

His real name is Brian Immanuel and he turns 18 this year. The Indonesian teen from Jakarta has already made it HUGE as a rapper and is recognised by the big names in the industry. The likes of Ghostface Killah, 21 Savage, Tory Lanez, MadeinTYO, Desiigner have praised his work and it is all captured in this reaction video posted on the YouTube channel 88rising.

From there, his fame and popularity skyrocketed due to the instant validations from the established American rappers. Many other rappers and musicians grabbed hold of this golden opportunity and started collaborations with the teen. His mismatched image (sporting a ruffled I-woke-up-like-this hairstyle and his iconic fanny pack) with his impeccable baritone-voiced rapping abilities sparked the interest of new fans and musicians. It’s inexplicable but we live in such a mundane world that sometimes, something that sticks out like that, really captures our attention. After catching an article about him on HypeBeast, I went on to research more about him and check out his Twitter account (which I fell in love with).


(here’s him impersonating Steve Jobs)

The main reason why I am introducing Rich Chigga is because he is the poster child for learning English via YouTube and the Internet.


His album cover, what’s not to love?

In the interview with HypeBeast, he mentions the following:

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 1.26.47 PM.png

Self-learning coupled with e-learning has enabled a child from Indonesia to rise up as an English rapper and gained fame across the world. He did not stop at mastering writing, reading and speaking English, he went on to learn all about the American culture and immersed himself into the Twitter sphere as well as “weird Twitter“.

So to all self-learners out there, e-learning is here to stay and grow! Let’s never stop learning and improving ourselves!


Author: chuajana

A lowly student, just getting by in life.

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